Crop Monitoring for Kenyan farmers

In CropMon project an information service is developed for farmers, farmer organisations and other stakeholders in Kenya. The CropMon service provides local information on (1) weather forecasts, (2) current crop growth and (3) how crop growth can be influenced by adjusting farm management practices. Weather Impact delivers the weather forecasts and monitors current weather conditions for this service.

Satellite, weather and field soil data are combined to monitor the status of crop growth. Based on this information, an advice is given to improve crop growth. The advice ranges from crop or soil management, irrigation, run-off control, or the use of fertilizers. Farmers receive advisory text messages (SMS) on a regular basis. For farmer organisations and other stakeholders, smartphone- and web-applications are developed. Our service is constantly improving, by using farmers’ feedback and collected data.

CropMon is a project from the Geodata 4 Agriculture and Water facility, funded by the Netherlands Space Office. The project phase has ended in September 2019. Weather Impact has continued the weather SMS service since October 2019. More than 190.000 farmers have received a weekly SMS on Tuesday with the weather forecast for their location.

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