Myanmar Mobile Value Added Services for Agriculture (MyVAS4Agri) is an innovative agri-mobile application that aims to build a community between farmers and agricultural professionals on a single digital platform. The mobile application Htwet Toe (‘Higher Yield’), provides farmers with key information on weather conditions, market prices, as well as quick responses to farmers’ questions concerning farming issues, particularly pests and diseases, and ultimately access to finance. At the same time, agricultural suppliers and other data users use the platform to obtain information on farming data to enable them to more adequately meet market demand for products and services. The project aims to reach 850,000 farming families/food producers, most of them smallholder farmers, with less than a hectare of land.

Weather Impact is involved in developing the weather-related agricultural advisories, seasonal outlooks and weather alerts. Localized weather patterns and -forecasts are translated into a tailored message for agricultural planning, considering the crop-cycle and the location of the farm. The service supports farmers to make the right decisions for their farm management to become more climate smart. The app informs user about:

Furthermore, an indicator for the onset of the monsoon is developed, which helps farmers to determine their optimal planting date. The services are developed in close cooperation with a team of agronomists in Myanmar who take part in various workshops and trainings.

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Climate data analytics

Village Link Satellite Services (VLSS) is a platform that aggregates satellite data related to agriculture and transforms them into key information which businesses and organizations can use to improve their operations and decision making. Services on VLSS include localized weather monitoring, crop classification, crop extent measure, crop performance tracking, crop growth stage tracking and flood monitoring, all of which will benefit organizations working in the agriculture value chain; from input companies to financial service providers.

Weather Impact delivers various climate data analytics for the VLSS clients. These analytics are combined with the services of our partners in remote sensing information on the VLSS platform: SarVision and TerraSphere. Operational weather forecasts are delivered through API and contain forecasts for general weather such as precipitation, temperature, specific and relative humidity, water vapour pressure, wind speed and sunshine duration. In addition, agro-specific forecasts are accessible such as drought indictors, disease risks and an indicator of the onset of the monsoon. Weather Impact provides long term historic weather archives starting from 1979 up to now, at 5 km local precision. In addition we provide risk assessment and data analytics on this data: can significant trends be determined in precipitation and drought patterns; what is the risk of extreme rainfall or wind and how are these risks developing in a changing climate?

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