Weather and water management

Weather extremes are, partly due to climate change, increasing in The Netherlands: in certain periods we experience water shortage by droughts, while in other periods a surplus of water caused by short extreme precipitation events.  These new circumstances require new adaptation measurements from water managers in order to anticipate to this new weather and to prevent flooding and drought.

This course offers practical knowledge about the weather and weather forecasts, which is for example of great importance when calculating the water level to take preventative measures. The course focuses on practical cases with weather data and water level management.

After this course you are better prepared for future climate and do you know how to take the weather aspects into account in your advice and measures in daily water management.


Water level managers
Water managers


In this course you will learn about;

-Daily management, how to use meteorological information, management of different types of water systems.
-Flooding analysis and -forecasts, and their accuracy.
-Drought, evaporation, ground water
-Security in relation to extreme weather and emergency plans


This course is given in 3 days. The meteorological topics will be explained with practical examples. On the last day you will visit a weather station.