Capacity building – creating local ownership and a long-lasting service

Published on 11 May 2023 by Tamara Lancel

With capacity building, we aim to empower local ownership so stakeholders can actively participate in decision-making processes and contribute to the sustainability of the services. Besides delivering reliable and high-quality weather services, it is key to train the relevant staff and organizations to optimally benefit from the information and tools provided.
At Weather Impact we deliver tailor-made trainings at different levels, such as train-the-trainer sessions, programming skills and workshops to bring agronomic and meteorological knowledge together. We use our expertise to support governmental organizations, National Meteorological Agencies, the public sector, agricultural organizations and other stakeholders, to build capacity with and utilise weather data for weather and seasonal forecasting. Through tailored trainings and workshops, these stakeholders empower smallholder farmers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilize weather data. Thus, farmers are equipped to improve food production and adapt to changing climatic conditions, leading to increased resilience in farming communities. There is a real added value to give these organizations the needed training, so they can understand and use our services in the right way and support climate adaptation

Read more about the trainings we delivered in Zimbabwe, Lesotho and the Netherlands on our website. Do you need training on the use and interpretation of weather data and forecasting? Does your staff needs to work with agro-weather tools, or do you need Python programming skills? Work with us! Our trainings can take a technical or practical approach, we look forward to providing you with more information and discussing the possibilities.