Cape Verde

Digitalization of weather data

In a project led by KNMI – Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute), Weather Impact is supporting Instituto Nationcal de Meteorologia e Geofisica (INMG) in Cape Verde in the review of several observational database management software. A software is needed in which INMG can process and analyze data. Also, part of INMG’s weather observations are not digitalized yet. The digitalized paper archive will be stored in the updated database management software.

We travelled to Cape Verde to work with the INMG team on Sal island—The INMG colleagues on Praia island joined online through the workweek.

Together INMG and Weather Impact reviewed Climsoft, MCH, and Clidata. Practice sessions on Climsoft and MCH were led by Weather Impact. INMG and Weather Impact evaluated the pros and cons of each database software in relation with the needs of INMG. At the end of the week, INMG had gathered sufficient information about each database system to decide on the most suitable software for its organization.

Weather Impact wants to strengthen National Meteorological Institutes throughout Africa in collecting, managing and dissemination of weather data which is of great importance for everyone.

Fig. 1 & 2 Paper archive of weather data and a weather station at Cape Verde.

Location of this project