Building a climate resilient society 

Weather information becomes more and more important in the energy sector. Due to the transition to more renewable energy, production of energy is becoming more dependent on weather variability. For example, cloudy and wind still days can have a huge impact on the production capacity. We have the expertise to investigate the meteorological variability in sunshine and wind patterns. Furthermore, we can analyze the future consequences of climate change on the meteorological variability impacting the energy sector.

Not only the energy supply itself, but also the capacity of the network has a strong dependence on weather. For all actors in the energy sector, it becomes therefore more important to integrate weather and climate knowledge in their operations. Weather data differs from other big data, some specific knowledge is needed to understand and work with weather data. Weather Impact can bring the fields of meteorology, big data and energy network operations together and shows the opportunities it brings for the energy transition.

Topsector Energy – TKI Scoping study

Weather Impact performs a scoping study to the link between meteorology and the energy sector to get a better picture of the current use of weather and climate information in the energy sector and of the white spots in this area. The study is funded by the TKI Wind at sea and TKI Urban energy, part of the Topsector Energy of the Dutch Government.

The goal of the scoping study is to investigate the needs and unanswered questions in meteorology and climate change within the energy sector, to explore the relevant knowledge in the meteorological discipline and to combine these two to create a concrete research agenda.

The scooping study consists of the following three topics:

-an inventory of the current needs and unanswered questions within the energy sector,
-an inventory of the relevant knowledge in the meteorological discipline by interviews and literature research,
-drawing up a research agenda, that serves as a basis for further research to the unanswered questions.


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