Extreme Weather Alerts

Mitigate risks with timely alerts for any location in the world

Extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, storm, thunderstorms, drought and extreme temperatures are monitored worldwide by our meteorologists and warning systems. Our applications smartly combine real-time and historical data and forecasts with user risk profiles. For each client tailored and personal risk-thresholds can be determined to ensure timely and relevant alerts. We want to support our clients and help them to protect their people, assets and bottom line.

Our real-time alerts support our clients to mitigate risks from extreme weather events. We provide:

“Top Class Weather Forecast Models, combined with Human Expertise and the Strength of Big Data”

Our products and technologies are based on the best forecasting models available and are reliable and available around the clock all over the globe. We are experts in developing innovative solutions in the use of “big data” for weather analysis.

Software and system

Our forecasts and alerts are available via web-services, API and mobile applications. The flexibility of our systems allows our clients to integrate our services easily in their operational workflows. In addition, local data of our clients can be integrated into our (global) products.

Weather Impact works with the HydroNET framework, delivered by our business partner HydroLogic. HydroNET is a distributed data and services platform, in which various companies develop weather and water applications. These applications use monitoring and forecasting data of meteorology and hydrology. HydroNET won the National ICT Innovation Award 2013 in the Netherlands, issued by the Dutch ICT industry.