Capacity building

It is our priority not only to deliver a reliable and good quality ICT solution, but also to train the relevant staff and organizations to optimally benefit from the information and tools provided. We build partnerships with public and private organizations and contribute in strong value-adding service chains.
To increase the capacity of people and organizations working with our services, we undertake capacity development at different levels.

“There is a real added value in helping our local partners to build up capacity and give them the needed training, so they can understand and use our services provided in the right way”

Example: Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Meteorological & Agricultural Departments required training on the use of agro-meteorological information to create Digital Climate Advisory Services. Weather Impact has developed several training sessions and aims to build capacity at the meteorological and agricultural institutions to generate these digital services. Topics that are covered are the use of open source data and software, accessing and processing meteorological data, generation of agro-meteorological advisories, dissemination of information, and more.

“Great facilitation skills, content well prepared and the concepts covered are important in solving DCAS challenges in Zimbabwe.”
Shylock Muyengwa – Zimbabwe Evaluation Association

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Example: Lesotho

Capacity building in Lesotho is set up to train participants with various backgrounds, such as the Lesotho Meteorological Service (LMS), the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS), Burea of Statistics and agro-extension officers from across the country. Weather Impact developed trainings to create local ownership of agro-weather tools, and facilitate sustainability after the project ends. By combining all expertise of the different stakeholders and strengthen their collaboration and capacity, agro weather tools can be implemented and used succesfully. This way Weather Impact contributes to the legacy of the service.

“It has been so great to be in this training and this is going to help us to help our farmers to plant their crops in the right timing in line with weather expectations, and do the cropping activities the right way.”

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Example: the Netherlands

Weather Impact and HydroLogic provide a training program on weather and water management for Dutch waterboards and municipalities. This training program focusses on the intersection of weather and water management and helps in decision making and taking preventive measures in time. The 3-day program is filled with interesting information on the weather system and weather forecasting, the use of weather information in water management, a basis on climate change and climate scenarios and practical sessions on the use of meteorological and hydrological information.

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