Mavo Diami

The Mavo Diami social enterprise contributes to the acceleration of agribusiness performance leveraging geodata based information services in Angola for the benefit of >100,000 smallholder farmers.  It aims to strengthen resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change; improve soil sustainability and land allocation; and improve self-reliance of smallholder farmers due to sustainable food production and improved income security.

The project focuses on two key market segments: the smallholder farmer segment and the large & commercial farm segment. The services will deliver decision support and information from different information products, being agri-weather services, agri-performance monitoring, land and crop suitability (for all farms) and irrigation support (for large & commercial farms only).

With the help of various geodata services, farmers can make informed decisions to improve their harvests. Weather Impact provides various weather related data layers, including a daily weather forecast, weather suitability indicators, weather alerts, drought monitoring, a seasonal forecast and a short term precipitation forecast based on satellite precipitation data.

A network of trained agents onboards the Angolan farmers into the KRES system. This is the platform providing the bundled services. Bot a Telegram application and a voice bot are used operational to interact with local farmers. The farmers are receiving agri-intelligence tips based on geo-information and can track their farm management activities in the system.

The Mavo Diami services will contribute to a more stable and climate smart agricultural economy in Angola. Mavo Diami is part of the Geodata for Agriculture and Water Facility (G4AW), funded by the Netherlands Space Office. The following project partners are in the consortium; World Vision, eLeaf, FutureWater, Aequator and Kres.

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