About us

At Weather Impact we have the mission to support businesses, farmers and other stakeholders in a changing climate. Weather influences almost every aspect of a farming business and therefore affects global food production. Digital weather and climate services are part of the solution to build climate resilience. With a dedicated team we contribute to solving today’s climate related problems, in a sustainable way and make a positive impact. We aim to be the trusted partner for high-quality weather data delivery by turning this into user-friendly services.

We offer a safe, inspiring and informal work environment, while doing relevant, meaningful work. Within the team there is plenty of room for development, own initiatives and personal growth.
We share our office with our sister companies Hydrologic and Water Platform Company, and with the joined lunches and many social activities that are organized, you are part of a big family.
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Weather Impact is established in 2014 by two weather and water experts: Gerrit Hiemstra and Arnold Lobbrecht. These business partners have worked together for 15 years in many projects and in training operators of water management systems. Gerrit and Arnold have backgrounds in meteorology and hydrology with degrees from Wageningen University and Delft University of Technology. They have been personally involved for a long time in bringing the two worlds of weather and water together, both in science and in practice.

What we do


CO2 compensation

Our work abroad makes it necessary to visit those countries by plane. Weather Impact wants to make a positive contribution to the changing climate, therefore we compensate all our CO2 emissions.

The organisation Trees for All does great work in several projects all over the world. Our compensation will be used to plant trees, recover and protect National Parks.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to operating our business in a sustainable and social responsible way and take our responsibilities towards a healthy and safe environment seriously.  Our full CSR policy documented can be downloaded here. If you have questions or complaints about our CSR policy please contact info@weatherimpact.com.