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Sub-daily (6-hour) forecasts helps farmers even better planning their activities

We got a common request from Burundian farmers to provide sub-daily forecasts. These are 6-hour forecasts, given for today and tomorrow, which helps farmers even better planning their farming activities. By knowing exactly what moment of the day rainfall is forecasted, farmers can for example decide not to hire labor in the morning, but in the afternoon. All this avoid losses and maximizes their productivity. Read more ›

Co-developing DCAS for The Gambia

The first visit of the Weather Impact team to The Gambia was done in April 2024 for a Kick-off week. During our stay, we visited the DWR (Department of Water Resources) on multiple days for meetings, interviews, and for them to showcase their current tools and services. Input is used for the needs assessment of the DWR and skill assessment of its staff. Based on these findings, a Capacity Building Training Plan is drawn for the coming half year to train DWR staff on-site and digitally, while co-developing DCAS for The Gambia. Read more ›

Two new consultants Joep & Joanne

Two new consultants joined our Weather Impact team! A warm welcome to Joep Bosdijk and Joanne Hullegie.

Joep recently finished his master Earth and Environment at Wageningen University and has also done his internship with us. He worked on a deep learning algorithm that provides more insight into the development of heavy summer showers on short time scales based on radar images. He has a passion for meteorology and data analysis, to make a real impact. Great to have him back in the team! Read more ›

Kilimo Thabiti project kick-off for Tanzanian farmers

Weather Impact launched the “Kilimo Thabiti” project in Tanzania, aiming to support 2400 maize and cassava farmers in the Mara region with agri-weather advisories and training. Kilimo Thabiti is the Swahili expression for ‘sustainable agriculture’. The initiative, funded by FID, involves partnerships with TYEGD, Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute, and Esoko. Read more ›

Social KPI’s – Impactful numbers from 2023

As 2024 starts, it is good to look back at 2023. But what determines a good year for Weather Impact?

As in most organizations, the financial well-being and results are important at Weather Impact. However, our team found this too one-dimensional as it does not encompass how useful, meaningful or satisfying our work is. Let alone that it indicates the impact that Weather Impact makes. Read more ›

Empowering 500.000 households; Weather Impact’s training initiatives in Burundian agriculture

We kick-started a series of trainings in Burundi to empower 500.000 farmer households with weather information.
The trainings are targeted to AUXFIN field staff, so-called ‘activators’, to train them on the content, use and interpretation of weather information within agriculture. The more than 800 activators will subsequently disseminate the information to their farmers. Additionally, Weather Impact will carry out one higher-level training to the national meteorological institute (IGEBU, Institut Géographique du Burundi). Read more ›

The key to mitigate climate risk for Bangladesh

On October 22, 2023, experts in agriculture, climate, and meteorology gathered in Bangladesh to highlight the critical role of farmers in using seasonal forecasts to mitigate climate risks. On this date a ‘Learning and Reflection’ event took place, on the initiative “Sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasting for Agriculture in Bangladesh”, which started 6 months ago. Read more ›

Welcome Mónica and Lorenzo!

We bring the Spanish and Italian cultures into our team, by welcoming our new colleagues Mónica and Lorenzo. Lorenzo gained experience during his thesis project at Weather Impact, where he studied an algorithm to predict the start and intensity of the rain season and now started as a consultant. With his background in physics, operational forecasting algorithms and his expertise in data modelling and coding, he is a real asset to the team. Read more ›

Bundling crop insurance and weather information to reduce agricultural loss in Mali

Weather Impact has joined a partnership with OKO Finance and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen to provide a combined service of crop insurance and agri-weather advisories to smallholder farmers in Mali. At the moment, OKO already successfully provides crop insurance to farmers in Mali. With this crop insurance, farmers mitigate the risks of failing seasons. However, insurance cannot assist farmers in optimizing their farming practices and yield. With the help of the InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF), the consortium will add Weather Impact’s weather and climate advisory services to the insurance product. Read more ›