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Stocktaking of climate, weather and water services in Southern Africa

Billions of dollars are spent on adaptation to climate change efforts on the African continent. Early warning services for droughts, floods, cyclones and other extreme weather events are essential to prepare in-time for climate disasters. Reliable services require high quality local weather, water and climate data. National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) are the mandated organizations for providing these services, and are the key-stakeholders for provision of quality data, information and models for weather and water. Read more ›

Grape Compass

Fungal disease infections are constant battles for grape growers. Farmers have much to lose, don’t know actual disease risks and as a result preventively apply high doses of fungicides. This results in overdosing, high chemical and labour costs, environmental pollution and residues on grapes.

Weather Impact now bundles forces with WineJob and HydroLogic, to boost sustainability of the wine sector with a new, data-driven crop-protection technology; Grape Compass. Read more ›

Weather4Farmers app & API

The digitization of the agricultural sector is developing rapidly. More and more farmers have access to a smartphone and internet coverage is becoming available even at remote places.

We now have the technology ready for our own mobile application; the Weather4Farmers app.
Weather Impact has developed this prototype app to support farmers, not only with accurate weather data, but also with farm management advise for a specific location. Read more ›

New vacancy Business developer/ project manager

Weather Impact is a Dutch company, specialized in weather & climate services and consultancy. We work all over the world, delivering services to the agricultural and business sectors. Our innovative tools allow clients to minimize weather and climate impact and take effective decisions, minimizing risk.

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G4AW Pitch Fest at Climate Adaptation Summit

We make farmers more resilient for climate change and optimize global food production, an important topic at the Climate Adaptation Summit on 25th and 26th of January 2021. Geodata for Agriculture and Water, the National Space Office, organized a G4AW Pitch Fest, which will be shown during the side event of the summit. We contributed with our own video, about our accomplishments with G4AW projects so far and the development of our digital weather forecasting service. We are ready for the next steps and for scaling up our weather and climate services, to reach more farmers!

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We congratulate Dr. Pleun Bonekamp

Pleun successfully defended her PhD thesis at Utrecht University last week. She performed 4 years research about climate change, weather extremes and mountain meteorology in Asia and published 4 first-author peer-reviewed papers. At weather Impact Pleun will continue working on similar topics and use her knowledge to develop weather and climate services. We want to congratulate Dr. Pleun Bonekamp with this great achievement!

Mavo Diami services launched

We reached a next step in the G4AW Project Mavo Diami in Angola. Farmers now receive a daily agro-weather update on their mobile phone, through a Telegram application. The application is called the KRES Service. Already up to 100 farmers are registered to this KRES Service, and the number of registrations is growing every day. Next to the daily automatic update, the farmer can also start a dialogue with the digital KRES assistant and ask questions about the land suitability for various crops or about the suitability for land preparation. Read more ›

Online workshop weather models and weather data for TenneT

Weather information becomes more and more important in the energy sector. Not only the energy supply itself, due to the transition to more renewable energy, but also the capacity of the network has a strong dependence on weather. For actors in the energy sector, it becomes therefore more and more important to integrate weather and climate knowledge in their operations. Read more ›

Agro-Weather services in Ethiopia in public-private partnership

Climate change is impacting on global food production. The risks of crop failure due to climate change-induced weather variability are highest in small-scale agriculture, which is often rain-fed. On the positive side, mobile phones and other new communication technologies offer great opportunities to digitalize agricultural services, especially in remote places. Weather and climate information services are also improving thanks to the widespread availability of satellite data, while web-interfaces, APIs and other IT technology enable easy dissemination of this information. Read more ›

Climate related risks

Climate is the largest contributor to agricultural yield variability in Africa, making climate change a topic of high importance. For many years, knowledge about the weather for agricultural practices is passed from generation to generation, however this knowledge cannot be applied anymore due to a changing climate.
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