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Gap4All project finished, weather service continues on a commercial basis!

Weather Impact and AUXFIN are happy to announce a continued partnership for the delivering of weather information for African smallholder farmers on a commercial basis.

Over 400.000 Burundian farmer households, an estimated 2.3 million people, are empowered with weather and crop information through the AgriCoach application. These farmers have a license that provides access to the entire UMVA system including the AgriCoach. Read more ›

Grape Compass field visit

Last week our team visited Raimat, a leading estate in Costers del Segre pioneering sustainable viticulture and one of the Spanish wineries currently using Grape Compass. This smartphone app provides forecasts on fungal disease pressure which helps the grape growers to reduce the use of fungicides. Read more ›

Welcome Edith

We would like to welcome our new colleague Edith to our team!

Edith has studied Hydrology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, for which she received a Rotary Grant Scholarship. She also has a background in Physics from Gettysburg College, United States. At Weather Impact, Edith is responsible for project acquisition regarding weather services. Read more ›

Workshops weather and climate

We are offering several courses related to weather, forecasting and climate, they are now scheduled for the coming months and open for registration.

Whether you’re looking for basic weather knowledge, or as a water manager you want to be able to anticipate on extreme weather events that occur? We offer several interesting courses that will give you a wealth of information. Read more ›

Zware buien vierdaagse 2-5 juni 2021

Afgelopen week (2 t/m 5 juni) was er voor het eerst dit zomerseizoen een echte zware buien situatie in Nederland. Gedurende de week werd het steeds warmer, tot en met 29 °C op donderdag 3 juni, en daarbij werd de lucht ook steeds vochtiger, twee ingrediënten die cruciaal zijn voor het ontstaan van zware buien die lokaal extreme hoeveelheden neerslag kunnen produceren. Kortom, een ideaal testmoment voor ons Waarschuwingssysteem voor Extreme Neerslag dat deze zomer in pilotfase wordt getest door 17 overheidsorganisaties (waterschappen, gemeentes, veiligheidsregio’s en RWS). 

Read more ›

Localized seasonal forecast for Myanmar’s monsoon

The monsoon season in Myanmar is about to start. For farmers, the monsoon season is the main source of water for their crops. Information about the seasonal precipitation forecast is therefore vital and helps them in their long term planning. After a successful pilot during the 2020 monsoon season, Weather Impact continues to provide a monthly seasonal update with the rainfall forecast for the Htwet Toe application. Read more ›

Internship Valeria and Jane

Since April our team has been strengthened by two students from Wageningen University and Research.

Valeria is a student originally from Italy who has been living in the Netherlands for a while now. This year she is completing her MSc Climate Studies at Wageningen University & Research, where she is specialized in human-environment interactions. Read more ›

Stocktaking of climate, weather and water services in Southern Africa

Billions of dollars are spent on adaptation to climate change efforts on the African continent. Early warning services for droughts, floods, cyclones and other extreme weather events are essential to prepare in-time for climate disasters. Reliable services require high quality local weather, water and climate data. National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) are the mandated organizations for providing these services, and are the key-stakeholders for provision of quality data, information and models for weather and water. Read more ›

Grape Compass

Fungal disease infections are constant battles for grape growers. Farmers have much to lose, don’t know actual disease risks and as a result preventively apply high doses of fungicides. This results in overdosing, high chemical and labour costs, environmental pollution and residues on grapes.

Weather Impact now bundles forces with WineJob and HydroLogic, to boost sustainability of the wine sector with a new, data-driven crop-protection technology; Grape Compass. Read more ›