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Weather Impact provides agribusinesses with easy to access, reliable weather and climate information. Our mission is to support farmers to optimize global food production and support climate adaptation.

Our services are flexible, tailor-made to the context, and available in various languages across Africa, Asia and Europe. We condense complex, real-time data into accurate, user-friendly texts, or a mobile app. Right now, with the help of our clients – digital platforms and other institutions that support farmers – over 400,000 farmers receive weather forecasts directly on their mobile phones.

With our state-of-the-art weather models, our clients call on us for long term weather and climate-risk analyses. With this data, they support farmers in making decisions on when to plant or when to harvest. Traditionally, these decisions were based on predictable weather patterns but faced with increasingly erratic weather farmers suffer tremendous losses. Reliable local weather data prevents this loss and helps optimize global food production.

In the past seven years, we have partnered with various local organizations and National Meteorological Agencies to reach farmers in the last mile. We also work with a vast network of strategic partners. They utilize our data to develop accurate agricultural advice and enhance our product with their platforms and research.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality weather and climate services to optimize global food productivity and support climate adaptation

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  • High-quality products
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  • Flexible solutions
  • High level expertise
  • Ready to use services
  • Strategic partner network

Weather is farmers’ no. 1 information need

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