Celebrating 5 years of collaboration with Villagelink

Published on 5 June 2023 by Tamara Lancel

We are grateful for five successful years of collaboration between Weather Impact and Village Link since 2018. This partnership has been focused on supporting Myanmar’s farmers through the development of tailored weather forecasts, weather alerts, crop suitability maps, and more. These agro-meteorological products by Weather Impact have been adopted in the Village Link’s Htwet Toe app (High Yield).

On the 14th of May, a severe cyclone made landfall on the southwestern coast of Myanmar (Rakhine state) causing extensive damage. Thankfully, as a result of the collaborative efforts between Weather Impact and Village Link Company Limited, a timely alert was issued via Village Link’s Htwet Toe app, enabling farmers to reach safety before the flooding event.
Since the launch of the app in April 2018, the Htwet Toe app has been a game-changer for farmers, helping them make climate-smart decisions for their farms, manage pests/diseases more efficiently, optimize their input, stay updated with market prices, and remain alert to extreme weather events. The app has grown a significant user base, with over 850K+ onboarded and 35K monthly active users. The contents of Htwet Toe have been accessed over 64 million times. Congratulations to Village Link for this impressive achievement!