Grape Compass is now live in Spain!

Published on 26 July 2021 by Tamara Lancel

The Grape Compass application is currently operationally used at two Bodegas in Spain as part of the DHI-Grape Compass project. After a successful pilot in South Africa, the benefits of Grape Compass are now demonstrated in Spain. Grape Compass is executed by Weather Impact in collaboration with Hydrologic and WineJob. In short, the Grape Compass application forecasts the risk to the presence of fungal diseases on grapes. When the risk to fungal diseases is low farmers do not need to spray fungicides. As a result, the amount of fungicides will be reduced due to the use of the Grape Compass application. The first responses in Spain are very positive and we will further evaluate the service this year. As part of the project we plan to travel to Spain in September (of course only when this is possible due to COVID19). Keep an eye on our website for new updates on this project!

Grape Compass: