Grape Compass

Published on 8 March 2021 by Tamara Lancel

Fungal disease infections are constant battles for grape growers. Farmers have much to lose, don’t know actual disease risks and as a result preventively apply high doses of fungicides. This results in overdosing, high chemical and labour costs, environmental pollution and residues on grapes.

Weather Impact now bundles forces with WineJob and HydroLogic, to boost sustainability of the wine sector with a new, data-driven crop-protection technology; Grape Compass. Grape Compass is an always reliable and easy to use fungicide spray advice. The proof of concept has been designed and tested in co-creation with 10 high-profile Stellenbosch wineries in South Africa, where it was demonstrated to reduce application of fungicide by 35% on average. Through its data-driven approach Grape Compass provides in a highly scalable solution.

Now, Grape Compass is ready to be demonstrated beyond South Africa.

Weather Impact, WineJob and HydroLogic will cooperate with two innovative Spanish/Catalonian bodegas (Codorniu – Raimat and Palacio), to demonstrate the solution  in their vineyards. The application user-interface is now translated into Spanish and Catalonian, and over the growing season of 2021 it will be tested and evaluated in the vineyards. Keep an eye on our website for new updates on this project.

“Grape Compass is a disruptive technology, has the potential to revolutionize the viticultural sector and boost its sustainability goals.”