Kilimo Thabiti project kick-off for Tanzanian farmers

Published on 12 February 2024 by Tamara Lancel

Weather Impact launched the “Kilimo Thabiti” project in Tanzania, aiming to support 2400 maize and cassava farmers in the Mara region with agri-weather advisories and training. Kilimo Thabiti is the Swahili expression for ‘sustainable agriculture’. The initiative, funded by FID, involves partnerships with TYEGD, Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute, and Esoko. Within the project 30 lead farmers are trained to become citizen scientists for on the ground data collection, to enhance the accuracy of the advisories. During the kickoff week, partners convened for working sessions, farmer visits, and team-building activities. The official project launch was attended by a number of special guests from the government and quite some media coverage. The Kilimo Thabiti project even made it to three television news channels in Tanzania, which truly made it a great start!