MyVAS4Agri – Weather demo page

Weather impact is partner in the MyVAS4Agri project. MyVAS4Agri is an acronym for Myanmar Value Added Services for Agriculture, a G4AW project funded by the Netherlands Space Office. Weather Impact delivers in this service the weather forecasts and monitors current weather conditions.

This webpage has been developed to demonstrate the weather maps for the following weather variables:

Temperature: in °C

Rainfall chance: in %

Rainfall amount: in mm

Wind speed: in m/s

Cloud cover: fraction of the sky that is covered

Relative Humidity: in %

Lightning: expected lightning flashes per km2


Rainfall chance

Rainfall amount

Wind speed

Cloud cover

Relative humidity


This data is developed by Weather Impact BV. The data is based on weather forecasts and do not necessarily reflect reality. No liability is accepted as a result of use of this data.