NWP winning proposal

Published on 20 December 2021 by Tamara Lancel

With our winning proposal at NWP (Netherlands Water Partnership) for the Water for Food Programme we have the opportunity to make a difference for farmers in Bangladesh in providing agro-meteorological forecasts and advisories. Great to work on this project together with New Amsterdam Consult!

We will focus on the lower Ganges Delta in Bangladesh, a vulnerable place due to increased climate variability. By bridging the gap between farmers and weather information, we want to increase water use efficiency and increase food production. Next to the daily weather forecast and agricultural advice we will provide a monthly seasonal outlook and timely information on the onset of the monsoon. This way farmers can better plan their agricultural activities, and decide when to plant their crops.

Our partner Long Hoang, from New Amsterdam Consult, is supporting this project in business development, research, monitoring and evaluation. Another important partner is our local partner Uthpal Kumar from Delta Research Initiative. Their farmer network has been build with the development of Waterapps; a water information service. Uthpal provides capacity building training to farmers in Farmers Weather Schools, and our weather information will be an additional service. Besides that, they can provide us insights to further develop and strengthen the business model.

We are looking forward to this cooperation!