The key to mitigate climate risk for Bangladesh

Published on 26 October 2023 by Tamara Lancel

On October 22, 2023, experts in agriculture, climate, and meteorology gathered in Bangladesh to highlight the critical role of farmers in using seasonal forecasts to mitigate climate risks. On this date a ‘Learning and Reflection’ event took place, on the initiative “Sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasting for Agriculture in Bangladesh”, which started 6 months ago. With this initiative, timely weather information is provided directly to farmers, addressing traditional forecasting limitations. Bob Ammerlaan highlighted various weather and climatic challenges to be faced by Bangladesh in the coming weeks to decades. During the keynote, Md. Shah Kamal Khan stressed the need for collaboration among government agencies, organizations, and the private sector to empower farmers and ensure climate resilience. The Sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasting project was seen as essential for Bangladesh’s agricultural sector and its “Smart Bangladesh” vision. A panel discussion emphasized the importance of Climate Information Services for climate resilience.