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Fiona van der Burgt joined Weather Impact

Weather Impact welcomes Fiona van der Burgt as our new specialist in extreme weather and climate change. Fiona has a Bachelor degree in Physics and Astronomy and a Master degree in Physics and Climate from Utrecht University. She is an expert in analysis of big data and has an creative and entrepreneurial attitude. Fiona is motivated and inspired by translating scientific and innovative insights to practical applications for society. Her first work day for Weather Impact was in Ethiopia, were she joined the meeting of the CommonSense project. Currently, she is mainly working on our African projects and in addition explores new products and opportunities for Weather Impact. Fiona can be contacted at

Mission Ethiopia Common Sense

Since January 2016 Weather Impact joined the Common Sense consortium. In this project the livelihood of farmers in Ethiopia is improved by providing information based on satellite and weather data. Farmers are targeted through their supporting network (farmers’ cooperative unions and associations, micro finance institutions, extension services by development agents from the Ministry of Agriculture). Services are developed that should place the farmers in a better position to sell their products to the market and to get more accurate and farm specific advice. Tailored weather information provided by Weather Impact will improve farm management and protect crops from climate and weather risks.

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Weather Alert Mobile application

Weather Impact has developed an innovative mobile application. The application issues alerts for severe weather, tailored to the users preference. Users can set weather alerts for all their favorite locations. When severe weather is expected the mobile phone issues an alert message, which can be viewed in the application. Within the application also more details about the timing and severity of the alert are shown in a graph or table. All alerts are saved in an archive, which allows a user to apply statistics to the alerts that have been given.

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