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La Niña 2017: what are the impacts on East African weather?

For agricultural practices it is very convenient to be able to anticipate on the coming seasons’ weather. Especially in Africa, where most of agriculture is rain-fed, it is very helpful to know in advance if it will be a relatively wet or dry season, so farmers can choose the optimal crop or variety. Forecasting the weather on seasonal timescales is more difficult than forecasting the next few days. One of the reasons for this is that seasonal patterns depend on the status of the global climate system, including the oceans. An example of a well-known seasonal pattern is the El Niño phenomenon. El Niño is an event of unusual warming of the Equatorial Eastern Pacific Ocean in December and it has effects on the weather around the globe, especially on rainfall patterns in the tropics. El Niño is the warm phase of a larger phenomenon called the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The opposite of El Niño is called a La Niña, which describes a cooling in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

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CCCA initiative

The Netherlands Consortium on Climate Change Adaptation  is a broad coalition of Dutch knowledge centres, dedicated to providing multisectoral, integrated, practical knowledge and expertise on climate change adaptation. Take a look at the website of this initiative, or read the article in Volkskrant (Dutch). Weather Impact is associated partner in the CCCA initiative.

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Honorable Mention Winner World Bank Big Data Innovation Challenge

The World Bank launched a global call to find big data solutions that addressed issues in the critical challenge of Food security and nutrition. The goal was to help better understand the impacts of climate change and positively influences decisions by using big data effectively. Weather Impact has taken up this challenge and created the innovate Banana Network. With our application we are recognized as Honorable Mention Winner by the World Bank.

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CropMon video pitch

Watch here our new video-pitch about CropMon. The CropMon service in Kenya provides local information on weather forecasts, current crop growth and farm management practices. Weather Impact delivers tailored weather forecasts and monitors current weather conditions. Farmers receive text messages with weather forecasts and farming advice on a regular basis. In addition, innovative smartphone- and web applications are developed for farmer organisations and other stakeholders.

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Improved food production with Dutch technology

Weather Impact is involved in several projects in Africa as a provider of information on daily weather and climate risks. These projects are part of the G4AW, a programme that improves food security in developing countries by using satellite data. This video published by NOS includes an interview with a Ugandese farmer how the technology that is developed in a G4AW project helps him to improve his agribusiness. On our projects page you can find more information about our activities in Africa.

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Climate Services in 2017

Weather Impact wishes you a climate-smart 2017!
We are glad to announce that we have expanded our climate services with a monthly Climate Bulletin. The bulletin gives a global and regional overview of last months’ climate. Temperature and precipitation hot spots are discussed and interesting weather events are highlighted. See here the example bulletin of November 2016. If you are interested in the current Climate Bulletin for your local area, please email us at

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2 new employees in our team

Weather Impact welcomes two new employees in the team; Jurgen Welleweerd and Sebastian Scher. Jurgen will work as a backend and application developer, in close collaboration with the developers of HydroNET. Sebastian will work as an expert extreme weather and climate change. He holds a Master degree in Climate Physics from Utrecht University. Sebastian and Jurgen will work on our African projects where they will sustain a reliable delivery of weather information. Sebastian and Jurgen can be contacted at and

Gerrit Hiemstra in NL Space movie

The Netherlands is one of the primary architects of space activities in Europe and has always played a leading international role in space science research. At Weather Impact we use space technology for our products and applications. Weather models, for example, use observations from weather satellites as input, especially in areas where traditional data sources are not available. Read more ›