Weather4Farmers app & API

Published on 1 February 2021 by Tamara Lancel

The digitization of the agricultural sector is developing rapidly. More and more farmers have access to a smartphone and internet coverage is becoming available even at remote places.

We now have the technology ready for our own mobile application; the Weather4Farmers app.
Weather Impact has developed this prototype app to support farmers, not only with accurate weather data, but also with farm management advise for a specific location. An easy to use app with a complete service;

To give farmers the opportunity to use our mobile app, close collaboration with other partners in the value chain is essential, to roll out this application. Weather Impact aims to develop this mobile application further to support small-scale African farmers with localized farm-weather information. The Weather4Farmers prototype app can already be linked with your application through our API.

Weather Impact’s operational API (Application Programming Interface) makes it easy to directly connect to our operational weather services. An API is a way of communicating between computer programmes. By using a very simple piece of computer code, it is possible to make requests to our API. These requests return the services of Weather Impact automatically. This is already used in several of our projects, for example in Angola (Mavo Diami) and Myanmar (MyVas4Agri).
It is now possible to make an API request for a 10-day weather forecast for example, for alerts, or for historical data. The Weather Impact API is an easy way of obtaining all the weather information you need. Have a look at our website for more information and for requesting a demo.