Mavo Diami

The goal of the Mavo Diami project is to increase food- and income security of more than 100.000 farmers in Angola by providing geodata-based decision support services. The project is financed under the Geodata 4 Agriculture and Water facility and runs from 2019 to 2022. Mavo Diami means “My Land” in the local Kimbundo language. Via mobile phones, small scale farmers receive weather, water, soil, and crop information that supports them to determine what crops to plant, where to plant them and when. Next to the small-scale farmers, Mavo Diami aims to accommodate large commercial farms with a web-based platform that provides tailored information on crop growth monitoring and irrigation advice. Weather Impact is providing the daily and seasonal weather information to Mavo Diami and develops weather-based advisories for farmers.

The following project partners are in the consortium; World Vision, eLeaf, FutureWater, Aequator, KresLider and the Ministry of Agriculture (Angola).

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