Gap4All delivers information services to smallholder farmers in Burundi through the AgriCoach app, and to public institutions, agri-businesses and NGO’s through the AgriMonitor app. These services are tailored towards the specific needs of the user group.

The AgriCoach provides farmers in the field with information on: 1) What crop to plant, 2) When to plant and perform crop management practices, and 3) How to get optimal results (good agricultural practices). Such information results in considerably higher yields, while reducing climate risks and preserving water and resources (seeds, fertilizer), thereby increasing food security and income for smallholder farmers. During the rainy season of 2020, 20.000 farmers in Burundi make use of the AgriCoach.

Weather Impact contributed to the development of the AgriCoach app, the provision of spatial information on crop selection and suitability, short-term weather forecast (10 days), seasonal outlook (5 months), rain season status indicator, and good agricultural practices. Next to this, a crowd-sourced rain meter network with more than 400 Burundian farmers was set up. They make daily rain observations that aids in their engagement of the AgriCoach while providing Weather Impact valuable validation data. The percentage of farmers that reports daily rainfall measurements is very high.

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