Weather forecasts for sesame farmers

Ethiopia’s agricultural sector consists to a large extent of small-scale farmers that rely on the annual rainfall for their production. Accurate forecasts of precipitation are essential for optimal farm management.

In collaboration with the National Meteorological Agency of Ethiopia (NMA), Weather Impact provides 5000 sesame farmers in the Northern parts of Ethiopia with a mobile weather forecast, twice a week. The service is supported by the Sesame Business Network, who registered their farmer network to receive the messages and held trainings, workshops and evaluations. Their user survey indicated that most of the farmers experience the information accurate or very accurate and 100% confirmed they use the rainfall forecast to plan their agricultural practices.

The activities of Weather Impact in Ethiopia are the follow-up of the “CommonSense” project, a project from the Geodata 4 Agriculture and Water facility, funded by the Netherlands Space Office over the period 2015-2018.

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